07 October 2009

Junior Achievements

At age 11 months, the baby -

  • Can recognize the family car; when she spots the vehicle, points a finger at it, and produces a funny sound of unquestionable recognition; has not yet revealed she is aware the Opel logo is a lightning bolt or the vehicle was built in Eisenach, but I suspect she somehow knows all this.

  • Found a shortcut that turns on the music player on the iPhone when the handset is locked without unlocking the device; I had no idea such a shortcut exists, had to check the manual to understand how the baby does it.

  • Re-discovered gravity, 322 years after Sir Isaac Newton, by plunging head first from a bed onto the floor; gave herself a black eye and learned science requires suffering; did not say anything about the direction of the gravitational force or about the acceleration of objects under the influence of Earth’s mass, not yet.

  • Can touch the tip of her nose with her index finger when asked; in neurology, this is known as the “finger-nose test”, it is used to assess voluntary eye-motor coordination of the upper limbs and the cerebellar function of the brain.

  • Walks like an AT-ST walker with a damaged nav system, under fire; read about Imperial chicken walkers in the Star Wars Databank or watch them dance to the tune of the chicken dance.

  • Photos from May, June, and July 2009, unrelated to these achievements:

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